The Last of New York. And Home.

I shot a bit of video with my phone throughout our trip and sort of mashed it together here. (Remember, I’m not a video expert. I just have an iPhone and iMovie.)

Sunday brought steady rain and cool temperatures, so Mom just decided to hang in the room before we went to brunch. Determined not to waste a moment of my waning time in Manhattan, I decided to walk five blocks to NBC Studios and visit the observatory at the top on the 67th – 69th floors. It rained on me the entire time, and by the time I got there, my feet, shoes, and pants were soaked. Which is miserable. And for all that, this is the view I got. I know.


Since the view was a bust, I decided to at least walk through Rockefeller Plaza
Times Square in the rain

I’m really sort of glad it rained, as this made it much easier to leave. I felt bad for all the tourists making their way through Times Square; it was a sea of umbrellas and not easy to get around. As my mom would say, “Someone’s gonna lose an eye.”

I end with this photo, because this dinner was the best sendoff on the eve of our trip; we had a great time together, and it’s even OK to leave New York with these folks to come home to.

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