Moving: Final Phase
July 22, 2019
They are pretty darned, cute, no?

You know how sometimes you are in the middle of something stressful and you focus on one little, tiny thing? Yeah, that.

So I splurged on new shower curtains and those cute little rings that hold them up. You can get some really cool ones now.

Which I did. One set of rings for each (really lovely) shower curtain. And one set came in and I hung the master bedroom shower curtain, put in those adorable rings, stood by and admired my design choices.

The shower curtain for the guest bath came the next day. But no rings. You have never seen a person get so rattled by shower curtain rings. Everyone was looking at me as if I had finally taken that trip around the bend. Someone said, “Please do not say shower curtain ring” again. Ever.

The rings came the next day. And you know what I realized?

Prepare for the wisdom, because here it comes. When you feel out of control with the big things (moving, anyone?) and like you’re not going to make it, sometimes it’s easier to stress out about shower curtain rings. Yes, there is misery, poverty, and sickness in the world and I’m upset about shower curtain rings.

And, rather than go deal with it, or even think about it, here I am writing a post about shower curtain rings.

This is not really about shower curtain rings, though. They are only standing in for my (near) panic as we approach this last week of moving preparations with so much not ready.

We all have ’em, y’all. You have shower curtain rings, too. They are the little things you obsess over when you’ve got bigger things in your to deal with. I survived my freakout about the rings. You will too.

P.S. I’ve probably lied about the Final Phase title of this post. I should change it, but right now I need to finish packing up the kitchen.


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