Kitchen Redo: The Beginning
June 30, 2012

We’ve been living with an outdated kitchen since we bought our house in 1991. Built in 1978, the kitchen was, and still is, of that vintage, complete with the lovely harvest gold stove and double ovens. The cabinets are original as well and the countertops date back to the 90s, when we were in the bright blue and white kitchen phase. We’ve repainted the cabinets so many times it seems they are at least a couple of inches smaller. Add that to the fact that our stove and oven are all but inoperative and it was time to jump.

So I decided to chronicle the process here.


Sink side. Yes, those cabinets are closed. They’re that crappy.

So I was thrilled to see this:

Which contained these boxes, which contain our new cabinets:

And then yesterday these came:

A brand new stove with burners that I’m betting will actually work

A shiny new microwave that will give us back a couple of square feet of counter real estate

The Jim came home with this yesterday:

A pretty new faucet

And until it’s all done we have to live like this:

Cabinets unloaded – a mess

We’re hoping the installers will come put the cabinets in this week.

And here’s the real before picture: the day after we closed on the house, on our 23-year-old daughter Elizabeth’s third birthday.


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