Hot Coffee, Cold Beer and Dell
August 25, 2011

I’m going to preface this by saying that sometimes I have weird dreams. And weird thoughts. So maybe this is one of them, but it’s a kind of a fun mental game I’ve been playing for quite some time.

A few weeks ago, on the way home from our last lake trip, I shared my mental exercise with my family over lunch. They thought I was nuts. They still do. And they are probably going to roll their eyes if they read this (I’m used to it).

So I offer to you:

Let’s say you were being held against your will in an undisclosed location and had the opportunity to speak to your family in the presence of your captors. What would you say that is so out of character for you that your family would know you were in deep trouble?

For me:

  • I sure wish I had a cold beer (I hate beer).
  • Boy, do I need a good, hot cup of coffee (hate coffee too).
  • Ugh. All they are playing here is Simon & Garfunkel and it’s driving me crazy. Those guys can’t sing at all.
  • Just saw the most awesome ad set in Comic Sans and Papyrus.
  • I’m dying for that new Dell laptop (that one would have Jim sending the people in the white coats to carry me away).

You get the idea.

Some other favorites:

  • Jim: I’m craving broccoli. Ha.
  • Sara Ann (19-year-old daughter): My favorite word is crusty.
  • Elizabeth (22-year-old daughter): Sports are boring.
  • Ethan (Sara Ann’s boyfriend): I’m craving licorice and bell peppers.
  • JP (Elizabeth’s boyfriend): Sports are boring.

You get the idea. If you know these folks at all, you’d know that Jim despises broccoli, Sara Ann can’t stand the word crusty, Elizabeth and JP are sports fanatics and Ethan feels about licorice and bell peppers the way Jim does about broccoli.

I realize this has absolutely no value to anyone, but, please, I’m recovering from surgery, ok? Gimme a break.

So … how would I know if you were in trouble? Hit me up in the comments.


  1. bethgsanders

    @BarbaraWPrice Ha, Barbara! Good one. I should add, “I can’t wait for football.” barbara walters price

  2. BarbaraWPrice

    “I can’t wait until the University of Tennessee Vols hit the field this year. Go Big Orange!”

  3. bethgsanders

    @thoffmeyer Tammy, haha! Hilarious. You bet! I’d definitely know something was up. and call 911. @thoffmeyer

  4. thoffmeyer

    “Beth, I tried that new chardonnay you recommended and LOVED it! Thanks for remembering how much I enjoy a nice, buttery chardonnay.”


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