Fish: Phase Two
August 22, 2018

Today was like Christmas morning. 

Three separate UPS deliveries arrived, containing our filter, decorations (the rocks from Phase One), thermometer, substrate, and air pump. The only things left to be delivered are the plants and snails, both of which should arrive tomorrow. 

After setting up the sponge filter and rinsing and adding the substrate, we actually filled the tank with water. We haven’t added the heater yet and will probably add that tomorrow, when the water is more clear. It looks like that may take awhile.

This looks more like a huge cup of coffee than an aquarium.

One important part of owning a betta fish tank (or any other aquarium) is water quality. Today we tested the water, and recorded the results in a spreadsheet so we can track the cycling process. Cycling is the process of getting the chemicals right so the water is safe for the fish.

Much clearer after only a few hours. You can kind of see my rocks, but I couldn’t see well enough to place them well, so I’ll fix that tomorrow.

I think tomorrow will be another fun day, as the plants (live plants) and the snail arrive. I hope the tank will be much clearer so I can see what I’m doing.

I think this hobby is going to be addictive. We’re already talking about our next, larger tank. 


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