This is the second restaurant I’m reviewing from our recent trip to Tulsa. I know what you’re thinking — seafood in Tulsa? Uh uh.

I thought the same thing, but the more I read about Bodean, the more eager we were to try it. They fly fresh fish in two or three times daily. As we both love good seafood, and it was one of our out-of-town date nights, we decided to go for it.

First, when you walk in, you see this. Which was a win for me. Nothing relaxes me more than watching fish.

Bodean seafood fish tank

The place had a wonderful candlelit ambiance. Despite the fact that we arrived an hour early for our reservation (my mistake), the staff seated us promptly and it was no big deal — even on a busy Saturday night. We were instantly impressed by the service, as our waiter was attentive and obviously knowledgeable.

Jim and I love appetizers, so we nearly always order one. This time, we ordered the calamari, and it was the best calamari either of us had ever tasted. Fresh, crispy, and full of flavor.

Also, they really do change their menu every day, so my descriptions are just what I remember, and may not be accurate.

Bodean Seafood Calimari
Best. Calimari. Ever.

We both ordered the lobster bisque — because, really, who can resist a bisque? It was … incredible. Rich, creamy and just a tiny bit spicy. Perfect.


On to dinner. I ordered the sea bass — which had been flown in that day from New Zealand, and the waiter recommended I switch the accompaniment that came with the special to the jambalaya risotto, which I gladly did.

The fish was perfectly prepared and seasoned and the jambalaya risotto complemented it flawlessly. It was tender, flaky, and I’m pretty sure I ate every delicious bite. One of the best seafood entrees I’ve ever had, including those I’ve eaten at restaurants on the coasts.


I should also say that the wine list was amazing, though, as we always order red wine when we’re out together, I usually leave those choices to Jim. He knows a lot more about red wine than I do, so he gets to take care of the ordering and he never disappoints.

We almost never order dessert, but we did this time. And, oh, were we glad we did. Our waiter recommended this bananas foster ice cream, and … well, it was amazing. And I ate the blackberry.


So we were ready for the check, mellow from an incredible meal, a lovely wine, and a great evening. Completely sated and relaxed after the experience, when the waiter brings us one last surprise.

He told us that they didn’t want the experience to end with dinner — it should end with breakfast the morning after.
box at bodean seafood in tulsa

Inside the box was one of the most delicious homemade coffee cakes we have ever had. Tender, cinnamon-y and a perfect way to start the trip home the next morning.

Well played, Bodean. Big win.

If you get the chance, go there.

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